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It was a nail biting time when Brighton’s very own performance troupe Shambush announced they were going to attempt to break the highly contested record for the most amount of people dressed as Kate Bush recreating the dance form her Wuthering Heights video. All a potential Bush had to do was don a red dress, get themselves up to Stanmer Park and learn the dance routine by viewing  a simple Youtube video breaking the dance down into manageable bite size chunks.













Happily for all Shambush did manage to break the record with over 300 Kate Bush’s in total at the Brighton Fringe event. But who are Shambush? Where did they come from? How do they have access to so many red dresses with winged sleeves?

Broken record













Shambush have created loads of insane and intimate experiences in the past, for example Carnivaloos, a full carnival experience in the ladies toilet and a full theme park built in 2 minutes. They have performed at some of the hottest festival tickets in town such as Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Playgroup.

In 2011 they ran an “Adopt a Performer” campaign, offering the public the chance to sponsor dejected and down and out clowns, circus performers and actors in order to raise money for the White Night Utopia experience at the Brighton Dome. This turned the Brighton Dome into a crazy maze filled with different wildly shambolic game shows with the ultimate prize bein a trip to Utopia, a mad yet heavenly place with massages and gummy bears.

Adopt a performer campaign

Shambush Utopia Experience







Anything can happen next in the shambolic world of Shambush… they haven’t revealed what they have lined up for this summer, but it is likely to include a performance at Playgroup festival mirroring the immersive experiences they’ve run at the festival in the past two years. Keep your eyes peeled, because you never know when the Shambulance is coming round the corner!

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The Good news, i’ve already got my Ashes tickets where i am heading up to Durham hopping that it won’t rain.

I’m really excited about the whole thing, but part of me thinks “It won’t be as good as 2005″. I don’t think it ever will.

In 2005 England went into the Ashes as underdogs with a chance. The Aussies had won the last 17 years. BUt it wasn’t as if they won each ashes home and abroad in that time, they pretty much trounced us. The previous Ashes felt like we had a chance. Nasser Hussain was captain and we had a young batch of fast bowlers in Steve Harmison and Simon Jones. But it all went wrong int he first morning, Hussain incredibly put Australia into bat where they were something like 300 for 2 on the first day and Simon Jones had knackered his knee.

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I rarely venture up to London to watch a west-end show or even think about spending possible beer money on theatre tickets. But, along with hundreds of other people, I watched in anticipation as the lights dimmed, the curtains opened and we started a 2-hour journey into the wonderful world of Oz. Having only a hazy memory of the Wizard of Oz from my childhood, I had no idea what to expect.

wicked theatre tickets

It was voyage of how 2 enemies, one a green witch and an outcast, the other a spoilt blonde and popular airhead, became best friends. They went through ups and downs as they attended boarding school and were forced into sharing a room that eventually brought them as close as sisters.

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Some blokes from Warner Bros social media agency have been hassling us to promote Jonny Depp’s and Tim Burton’s new film. We thought what they had to say was quite a good idea. We don’t normally do this kind of thing (people who say that, normally do), but we wanted to give you guys a chance to win the movie plucked off their Blue-Ray mountain situated somewhere up the M1. Here’s the details:

From the incredible mind of Tim Burton comes the hit film Dark Shadows, based on the classic US television series!  Barnabas Collins has been trapped for two centuries by an evil witch (Eva Green) who just happens to be an ex lover.  Barnabas now has to struggle with the ever changing 1970s and save his family’s business!  With an all star cast that includes Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jonny Lee Miller and more, Dark Shadows will be sure to whet your appetite for fun.

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Didn’t get a ticket to the Glastonbury Festival this year? Want to see a live stream of Glastonbury 2012? Here is all the action from the main stage at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK. What you are looking at is where the Pyramid tent would be. Happy viewing.

Live video from your Android device on Ustream

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We have more Apprentice quotes. This year should offer up the same quality quotes we got in previous years from these self-promoting fools. Who could forget Melody or Jedi Jim? If you want to remind yourself on the ridiculousness of last year’s egos here are Apprentice Quotes 2011.

We’d love you to add your own Apprentice Quotes if we miss any. Just leave them in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

apprentice quotes 2012

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We’ve seen some pretty awful movies this year. There was the truly horrible The Smurfs. The painfully unfunny, and like with any bit of binge drinking, truly regrettable Hangover 2.

But the film to surpass all shitty films since the beginning of time was Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star – a film so bad that it didn’t even get 1% on Rotten Tomatoes, and you know any film is truly woeful when the best review is this: “one feels nothing more strongly than an acute sympathy for all involved” Variety.

But let’s not go on about truly shitty films that made a few dollars at the box office that’s up to the Oscars 2012 judges. We know they are bad. Lets look at the ones that were the best Films of the year and conned the Oscar judges to giving them a gong. So which are the worst Oscar Best Picture winners of the last 30 years?

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Team Robbo have tagged (or vandalised) a Banksy piece of street art in Brighton. The Two Kissing Policemen outside the Albert Pub has had ‘Team Robbo’ tagged across its facia.

This piece by Banksy is estimated to be worth anywhere from £500,000 to £1m – and is due to be removed and sold in New York sometime in the near future. Given that the kissing policeman has been drawn on the pub’s property, all money raised from any sale will go straight to the owners of The Albert.

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Family Guy Quotes

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Family Guy Quotes
Family Guy Quotes are in my head all the time and at risk of making a fool of myself in public, I’ve decided to release my inner Griffin by sharing my favourite Family Guy Quotes with the community of Finger Jam. The post will feature quotes from all your favourite characters, enjoy! Any Family Guy Quotes you think should feature? Let us know by commenting at the bottom!

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The World’s entire population has, for the first time ever, agreed with a comment made by Piers Morgan, or as most people like to call him “That smug Twat”.

On 19th November 2011, huge winds were recorded across the globe as 7billion people gently nodded in unison when they saw the following Piers Morgan tweet.

Piers Morgan Twitter

Piers Morgan smug

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